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Common Misconceptions Around Carpet Cleaning

Since we—Cleaning Contractors NI, started offering carpet cleaning Belfast services in 2010, we have encountered customers with different misconceptions about this industry. And, those misconceptions have often made most of our clients either opt to clean their carpet themselves or hire a company that doesn’t offer satisfactory results. Some of the misconceptions our commercial carpet cleaning Belfast service hopes to burst to include:

Vacuuming is More than Enough

One of the top misconceptions we hear as a cleaning company is that vacuuming your carpet is good enough. While it may help you remove dirt, dust or hair, it certainly doesn’t remove odours, stains, or deeply embedded bacteria. Our professional carpet cleaning services help remove all the dirt, including the most stubborn stains from your carpet.

All Carpet Cleaning Techniques are Effective

This is far from the truth, mainly because not all cleaning techniques can effectively remove dirt and dust. And that’s why we focus on using methods like steam cleaning, as it is quite effective in reaching even the deepest parts of any carpet. It can also quickly remove stains, dirt, hair, and bacteria from your carpet.

All Carpet Cleaning Companies are the Same

This isn’t true. All carpet cleaning companies are entirely different. The process we use to clean your carpet at Cleaning Contractors NI is what makes the difference between our competitors and us. Every step we take ensures that we get closer to helping your carpet become clean and safe for everyone to use.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

Apart from offering commercial carpet cleaning Belfast services, we also offer mattress cleaning services. Your bed is the one place in your home where you go to relax and wind down for the day. However, not too many people know the dirt that lies underneath their fresh bed sheets. Mattresses are covered with all sorts of dirt when viewed under a microscope. Most of this dirt comes from sweat and shed human skin that tends to accumulate over time.

However, thanks to our mattress cleaning service, we can help make your sleeping experience even better. Our mattress cleaning process entails:


This is the first stage of our cleaning process is quite similar to the carpet cleaning Belfast process.  We first assess your mattress and look for any stains. We also look at the type of mattress fibres you have to determine the products we use.


The second step to our cleaning process is vacuuming the mattress. We vacuum it to ensure that we get rid of any debris, skin cells, dirt, or other debris the mattress may have. For this, we use a clean upholstery attachment, as it helps in thoroughly vacuuming every corner of your bed.

Application of Cleaning Solution

This is the most critical step of the entire process. Once we determine the type of fibres your mattress has, we then choose a cleaning solution. We apply this solution using a rotary machine or manually and wait for 30 minutes for the PH to rise and dirt to soften.

Once that’s done, we use steam cleaning to rinse the cleaning solution and dry it with unique air blowers and special dryers. This helps to speed up the natural drying process.

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